Black archeologists are not translated

Black archeologists are not translated in the Autumn of last year in Lviv a lot of noise caused posted in the Internet information about the sale on the black market archive of the UPA.

In the autumn of last year in Lviv a lot of noise caused posted in the Internet information about the sale on the black market archive of the UPA. Found black archeologists. in search of heavy equipment during the Second world war were digging Lipaevsky forest near the city. Not an isolated case. The region is actively working whole group of diggers. Come not only from Ukraine but also from Russia and Poland. Most of them are interested in the graves of German soldiers.

According to associate Professor of the Department of archaeology of Lviv national University. Franko Yaroslav Onishchuk, the region is like a magnet for black diggers. In my time here has been extremely tumultuous events of the First and Second world wars. Its territory is rich in archaeological sites, because the region is located in the watershed of the Black and Baltic seas, where ancient settlements. Accordingly, the traces of material and spiritual culture.

The greatest evil that the diggers destroy the monuments of archeology, defile graves and burials, depriving society of contact with ancient history.Taken out of context findings have no value for historians. Even the jewelry or the coins of the Roman Empire did not in themselves represent any value for scientists and researchers. Examples are the residues mentioned in the Chronicles of the ancient Lesnick which is systematically stealing for the past ten years. Dig out all in a row.

On the market of illegal archaeology the greatest demand is primarily for products made of precious metals, ancient jewellery, coins, decorative objects, monuments of Kievan Rus’. But pottery black archeologists are not interested in.

As the Director of the Lviv national Museum of victims of occupation regimes “Prison on Lontskoho” Ruslan Zabilyi. on the market of illegally obtained archaeological items of Kievan Rus ‘ finds from the ancient settlement amount up to 40%. This silver and gold items, Scythian artifacts, etc.

A resonant event was the discovery of the archive of the UPA in Lviv, who accidentally came across illegal diggers.

According to Ruslan Zabalaga, who had seen the documents, the vast majority is information and propaganda reports of upowav 1949-1951. “First, the people who dug it didn’t know what to do with it, says R. Zabily. Then, in consultation, decided that it was the find of the century, which can be sold for big money. At first it was a totally inadequate amount. At the meeting I was convinced these people can copy the documents to save. Offered to publish and make money on it, but they did not agree. Then I said to sell the archive they will not be able. Say, for collectors it uninteresting, and only for scientists. Now we see that the appetite of the sellers of the archive declined”.

However, hope — and not only in respect of those documents, that finds black archeologists will take its place on Museum stands, is not necessary. The majority of them onto the black market and in private collections.

If we talk about the military history and archaeology, now we are not talking about collecting shells or collecting stamps on them. We are talking about cases of desecration of cemeteries, and even entire burial period of the First and Second world wars. Especially critical was the situation in the Carpathian region in 1914-1915 was fierce fighting, and today dig up the burial sanitary type, military cemetery. Once under the open sky leave the human bones. A striking example — illegally excavated the whole field of sanitary burial sites near the town of Radivilov of Rivne region. Someone tagged these places wooden crosses, however, took everything that could be sold.

Unearthed whole dugouts and trenches in Zolochiv district, on the battlefield at the Brody boiler. On the Internet openly stated that this area already denuded “cernache”, find there something interesting is unlikely.

A striking case occurred in Lviv in 2008, when at night on a memorial cemetery of soldiers of division “Galicia” someone threw a bunch of bags of bones. And close the paper with financial calculations: the diggers were counted, how many will earn on soldiers ‘ remains. There were Photos of soldier tokens, which can be set dead. All the bones are mixed. To this day, has not been established where they were dug.

If you look on Internet forums, you can see that black archaeologists, being afraid of nobody, announce expedition. As soon as the sun prigreet, in the vicinity of past fights-groups of diggers. With metal they remove from the earth all that you can sell.

According to R. Zabily, in Ukraine there is no clear organization of search and exhumation of war graves research. If the official archaeology have strict rules for issuing permits, mandatory reporting, black archaeologists need to purchase metal detectors and dig wherever they want.

In the Western region of Ukraine there are practically no organizations that have been officially assigned to certain territories. This confusion best black archaeologists. So first of all you should set in order the regulatory framework in the field of archaeology and cultural heritage, retrieval, and putting in order the graves of victims of wars and political repression.

There is nothing to invent. Enough to appeal to global experience. In the U.S., for example, every search engine, every organization obtains a license for the right of conducting works, reports, and all findings necessarily cataloged. They are available to scientists. Moreover, if with them something happens the police will know what to look for. And since all discoveries insure, the state will compensate their loss. However, the owner must ensure the safety.

The current Ukrainian legislation also has enough capacity to hold offenders accountable. But to punish them, they need to catch at the site, which is quite difficult. Otherwise the digger can always say: say, found an artifact in his garden. There are subtleties that need to be resolved in legal terms. If the person will be detained at the site, according to Ukrainian legislation, the maximum that he faces, a fine of 590 USD. If it is proven the desecration of graves, there is already other sanctions: the Penal code has an article providing for unauthorized archaeological research up to eight years in prison. But remember whether any case of this punishment?

In contrast to black official archeology achievements are much more modest. Although, perhaps, more significant. To assert that the state allocates insufficient funds to say nothing. Archaeological service in Ukraine are left to the mercy of fate. Only in Warsaw for archaeologists studying hundreds of students. And then there are the institutes and faculties in Krakow, Rzeszow, Lublin and other Polish cities. At Lviv national University named after I. Franko until recently was prepared by the archaeology group of 20 people. And now its “reduced”. Requalify for archaeologists and historians. So is it any wonder that in Ukraine every year take permits for archaeological work on average 250 people. While in neighboring Poland — two thousand! As you know, a Holy place is never empty.

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