“Black diggers”

Two-week archaeological expedition of Mariupol state University conducted excavations of the mound in the Novoazovsk area. To find the real sources of the historical past of mankind the students prompted the “black diggers”, which destroyed the centre hills in search of treasure. Read more about the campaign, “Donbass” said the commander, lecturer, Department of historical disciplines of the Moscow state University Vyacheslav Zabavin and master of history, assistant head of the expedition Sergei Nebrat.

The robbers destroyed the monument of history

In the fall of 2010 Mariupol archaeologists out to explore and studying the terrain on the land Pavlodolskaya of the village Council, saw pit field arable extortionate. That there worked “black diggers”, there was no doubt – the hole in the hill was done professionally, and in it and on the surface of the mound, archaeologists have found human bones, fragments of decayed wood and cernovodeanu ceramic chips.

It is likely that these findings diggers were not interested in or they weren’t identified, because this needs a specialskills. Often in mounds you can find products from precious metals, but by making an indentation in one and a half meters and not finding expensive artifacts, the robbers took off. This historical monument was destroyed, – is indignant Sergey Nebrat.

As such, the archaeologists found a mound last fall – in the heart of upland “black diggers” dug a big hole.

About this choice the citizens of Mariupol reported in the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of science, Ministry of culture and tourism and requested permission to rescue excavations. To hold them decided not to let unscrupulous diggers continue to destroy the grave of their ancestors and themselves to find ancient artefacts and transfer them to the Mariupol local history Museum for the preservation. The court gave the green light, and at the end of June the students went on an expedition.

– The terrain on which the mound is located is very picturesque. Generally students choose to go on such trips – they communicate, discuss findings, make plans for excavation, of course, enriched with practical skills of an archaeologist. This time our camp was stretched on some tens metres – a tent city with several bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and fire “room”. Girls, in General, go on expedition to cook, but our students had won the right to participate directly in search. Just to the barrow went about 25 people, – says Vyacheslav Zabaven.

People were buried according to traditional beliefs

During manual excavation the risk of damage to artifacts is minimized. Therefore, the Mariupol side have resorted to such a method. First is prokopka: the mound is divided by means of a shovel into several sections for the convenience of archaeologists (in the course of these searches had uncovered about 140 square meters of land). At the first sign of graves – decay of the bones, ceramic chips, stones, etc. – archaeologists are gaining ground knives and fleytsami, and if necessary, blown with the discovery of the pear. This time students were lucky – they found nine burial of carcass culture of the late bronze age.

– This mound was built in the bronze age – 3500-3200 years ago. In the late NINETEENTH – early twentieth century it was used as a cemetery. Near this place was a farm, now its not in the cards is preserved only the foundations and unmarked graves, in the process of dispossession all the residents were evicted, says Sergii Nebrat.

One of the nine burials was buried “in the fetal position” according to the ancient rite.

All nine graves were located in the center of the mound, and in the southern field.

– Probably, it is connected with faith in the afterlife. From the Aryans, for example, the South side was associated with the world of ancestors, so people were buried closer to him. While we can only speculate. Further research involving different sources – ethnographic, archaeological, literary and help us to shed light on the ritual that was used in this mound. Of the nine graves of the dishes we found in five. This ceramic pots made by hand. Due to the fact that the burial was near the surface just two feet from her, and repeatedly held the top technology, the products were crushed. Damaged units and some skeletons. So, one of them preserved only the skull and legs, the spine and ribs, we found a little further on the surface. Most likely, they were repulsed by the plow while plowing, – explains Vyacheslav Zabaven.

One well preserved grave of an adult with a child, as it is also possible to track what rites were used by our ancestors.

– Presumably this is a woman with a child. And at its head, and the face of the baby were the vessels. The skeletons were “in the fetal position” or the sleeping man, on his left side, head North-East, arms to chest, and heels to the pelvis. This is a classic pose for the zrubna culture. Again, may be the clue as to why people were buried that way: among the ancient Iranians was the myth that the firstborn of man, when he was killed, fell on his left side, – says Sergey Nebrat.

The finds will be donated

To go to the next mission, Mariupol will have to do a great job on the design of the recent past – only with such a condition, the permit is issued. Archaeologists peremoete all ceramics found, will restore the appearance of vessels with plaster and will give deposited in the Museum. Also all the results of the excavation will be processed and analyzed jointly with anthropologists. The result will be a scientific report, which will be transferred to the Scientific archives of the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences under a signature stamp “to Store eternally”.

The excavation site is now quite suitable for plowing, which, no doubt, be glad farmers. But near Mariupol already chosen another mound. Whether he will be the subject of their new expedition will show the time and exploration that students will hold in September.

Best of all mounds protect themselves ancestors

According to specialists of the Donetsk regional Museum of local lore, the region is not less than 5000 mounds. From plowing they are protected by the law that established buffer zone equal to the height elevation, multiplied by ten. But not all farmers adhere to this rule. Also difficult to keep track of the activities of “black archeologists” or treasure hunters. Collapse the mounds and over time from rain and wind. As noted Sergii Nebrat, best burial guarded by our ancestors: when you create a mound they filled the shell with stones.

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