Black diggers is

Black diggers — informal search parties or individual enthusiasts, specializing in artifacts of the great Patriotic war and other wars. The main artifacts are part of a soldier’s accoutrements, old household items, awards, etc.

Black archeologists are individuals, sometimes organized in groups involved in the search for historical artifacts at archaeological sites. not having the “open list “, i.e. official permission. This practice existed in almost all times and all over the world. In old Russia were “bugrovsky “, in Latin America — “aceros”.

Special increase the intensity of work of all categories of grinders in recent decades is directly related to the business of selling metal detectors. as well as legal and illegal trafficking of Antiques. Items with extortionate excavation openly sold at “flea markets”, they can often be seen in the Windows of antique shops and the famous American Internet auction site eBay . Such bargaining is and through a Russian online-auction [1]. Currently the breeding ground for the robbers was the layer of wealthy chiefs, bankers, criminal authorities, [ citation 94 days ] in which tradicionarius expensive kinds of collectibles. Now the criminal, often armed, of the group, using earth moving equipment, open the mounds of any size, raked the cultural layer of the ancient settlements after the departure of the archaeologists, spoil already excavated monuments, etc.

Black archeologists may also be called official archaeologists that sell antiquities in their possession, looking for artifacts in his spare time, using their knowledge and experience. In the criminal chain are those who actually sell the permission to construction companies to the destruction of cultural heritage. In this field, has tied some of the company that sells “permits” for demolition of monuments. The criminal nature of their activities is quite obvious. [2] in fact, a small community of archaeologists is opposed to one side of the crime, and cohesive army officials and “strong business executives”, concerned only with profit.

On the Internet quite openly there are a lot of so-called kladoiskatelskoe websites and forums, where all kinds of diggers to communicate and share information. Against their activities also support community archaeologists, historians and other concerned citizens. TV also contributes to advertising treasure hunting, practicing it along with advertising of alcohol and pornography. On channel 3 TV unashamedly posted aired July 8, 2012 video footage of a fairly well-known in the country, a digger in search of metal trinkets reveals the cultural layer of a medieval settlement. And this without any hint of criticism.

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