The history of the ancient world

Stonehenge is an icon of prehistoric British culture, an Enigma that interested archaeologists and tourists for centuries. Why would he come here? What is its value? And which forces inspired its creators? A team of international archaeologists have found a new approach that, perhaps, is the key to the mysteries of Stonehenge.

The document, known as papyrus Harris, or the will of the Pharaoh Ramesses III, describes the last will of the ruler on the throne. But scientists are far more intrigued by another part of the papyrus, which refers to the untold reserves of gold and copper that were used by the Pharaoh, and clearly indicated that the ore mined and abandoned by the gods. Experts began to look for other documents of the same period. On the Turin papyrus map, which is stored in Italy, indicates the location of the mines, where the gods had mined gold and copper. This 15 kilometer stretch Addie-ha-Mamat in the Arabian desert.

It is known that the mankind many times faced with amazing finds, such as skeletons, skulls which had a rather strange shape. And recently there was another mystery – archaeologists have discovered in Peru the mummy of humanoid creatures with huge heads. The sensation was the fact that the first studies have shown that despite some similarities with the person that is not a people, but then what is it? Fudge uchenyh visionary or still another indirect fact in favor of the hypothesis about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, representatives of which. perhaps, once visited our Earth?

Deep in the caves of South Africa were found thousands of fragments of bones that shed light on the period of the dawn of mankind.

As any other human that has ever existed on our planet, Homo sapiens was extinct. How we survived being on the brink of extinction? How did language and art? And what scientists call “the cradle of the human mind”?

Peru is a unique country in its location and its history. There are a huge number of historical monuments and their associated mysteries. Ancient civilization the Foundation of this country was almost completely destroyed first, the native reformers, and later by the European conquerors. Through cultural and historical layers of the new time we have heard of a particle of the great heritage of the Incas.

In this film we will discuss the three most important phenomena of the ancient history of Peru, which violated all the rules of the global historiography and cultural studies.

Could dinosaurs and humans live together? It would seem that the answer is a resounding no. However, archaeologists found ancient images of different kinds of giant reptiles on the rocks, and figurines, carved out of rocks in South America and West Africa. Some experts believe that reptiles and humans could live in one time and stay in close contact. Moreover, dinosaurs, experts believe, mentioned even in the Bible. Find more details in the ” Land. The territory of the mysteries “.

Is it true that mankind originated in Africa? Is it really the first civilization on the planet created by the ancient Egyptians? And can we say with absolute certainty that the North of Europe has never been inhabited, and the Slavic nation appeared only in the ninth century of our era?

In recent years increasingly questioned the classical model of history and put forward new hypotheses of origin of human civilization. Numerous artifacts that researchers found in Yakutia and the Krasnoyarsk region, the Arctic Islands and in Central Russia make you think: maybe we know about their history, not all?

It is the ancient Greeks gave us the understanding of what art should be. No other civilization has played such an important role in shaping our vision of perfection of form, beauty, realism. Today the essence of realistic art is perceived as self-evident. However, it was invented by the ancient Greeks. Strictly speaking, they taught us to see. Here, in ancient Greece, was born of Western civilization. Presenter Alastair Sooke will try to put together everything we know about the earliest influences and to separate history from myth.

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