Archaeologists: no treasure on lubinsky Avenue not found

Experts were quick to disappoint Omsk: during the work on lubinsky Avenue was found only one coin and trash.

Today, August 13, at a press conference General Director of IC “Ideal Story” Anatoly Latin and Omsk archaeologists have dispelled the rumors that when you work in the reconstruction of Lyubinsky Prospekt’s treasure was found. We will remind, couple of weeks ago in the media appeared information about the fact that coins minted in 1902 were found at the North theatre in Theatre square.

What has been found actually, today said an employee of the Omsk scientific center of Siberian branch of Russian Academy Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Pavlov .

– Was found just one coin 1961 year of release, which probably everyone has. Not found in the soil and in the well. Also found were vessels, animal bones, metal pins, nails, fragments of pottery, cast iron of pelvis late nineteenth century, fragments of porcelain. One horseshoe was found and a fragment of another, scraps of Shoe leather. All the finds date from the late nineteenth century. At the moment, made 16 sweeps, – said Pavlov.

The Museum of peoples of Siberia Omsk branch of the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography Michael Karpenko added that if it was really found treasure, it was obyazatelnogo to declare. Violation of this rule leads to punishment, including criminal. And what was found, the archaeologists are called household waste. In contrast, the treasure is a collection of objects, “which is compact with a purpose were placed”. In addition, he said Karpenko, specialists are constantly working at the facility and conduct their own observation work.

Skeptical of information about the treasure and the Director of the Omsk state literature Museum named after F. M. Dostoevsky Victor weinerman .

– In any city with history there are many legends, there is a great desire to open the ground and see what is there. I am familiar with all the stories, the legends. Now worth to dig in one place, there was a murmur, this means that legends still exist, because systematic excavations in the centre of Omsk was carried out. And so went the rumors. There is something now – it will be good, said weinerman.

CEO of “Ideal System” explained that builders do not have the right to impede the carrying out of archaeological works.

– The archaeologists have constant access to the object, there are clear instructions to all officers regarding the finding of artifacts that have the number of staff they must call to say how valuable historical find. If the employee makes such an assessment, work on this section is suspended until we receive the resolution, – said Anatoly Latin.

As for the hype about the excavated masonry, Omsk local historian Igor Konovalov attributed to the mid-nineteenth century, archaeologists and there is an opinion that special interest she is not. Recall that Konovalov expressed the opinion that the laying can be a part of the Fort, which sat Fyodor Dostoevsky. But research on the discovery and did not work – it poured concrete, and the work went on.

And in this situation has again revealed the opposition of Igor Konovalov and Omsk archeologists, most fully manifested during the discussions on the resurrection Cathedral. To reach a consensus among the parties has not yet happened.

– Masonry discovered… 300 years of the city, were of different objects. The archeologist, he discovers masonry and what do you mean clutches? This fragment layout is not an object. We on these positions stand. Konovalova at other positions, it generally isn’t easy. No complaints about him, he’s a man very passionate, but I think that there is no masonry there, – expressed his point of view Michael Karpenko.

So while it turns out that any major discoveries on lubinsky Avenue did not commit. But the work here has just begun, and, perhaps, surprises us still waiting.

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