Fossils called the fossil remains of plants and animals. Many of them played a major role in folk beliefs and traditions, which provide fossils of magical and medicinal properties. Without fossils all our knowledge about past life on Earth was limited to the period of the last few millennia. To determine which animals lived on our planet in the distant past, they were the shape and size and in what time disappeared, modern science uses left their footprints: footprints and fossils found in the ice and rocks, a kind of negative of the flora and fauna of days gone by. Among the fossils come across startling instances, the beauty of which is staggering. Each military archaeologist has its own good reasons for not advertising it. No wonder our ancestors endowed them with magical properties. One of the most famous fossils are Ammonites, cephalopod molluscs with a spiral shell that lived until the Cretaceous, the size of which varied from two inches to nearly two meters. Worthy of mention and the ancestors of the belemnites squid living in the waters of the seas of the Mesozoic. Instead of suction cups of their tentacles are equipped with hooks, and a tapered tail carried the sink, which has reached our days in the form of fossils. It is now more than 200 million years from the moment when the Earth disappeared trilobites, primitive arthropods insects of the Paleozoic era, their fossils so far found in rocks. Another type of fossil molluscs — bokordici related to the order of plastinchatousykh. Their fossils have the shape of a heart and very beautiful. Many civilizations believed Ammonites powerful amulet and gave them supernatural properties.

Some fossils correspond to the organisms that existed in the prehistoric period and surviving, like molluscs, known in Menorca called “eyes of fortune”.

Protection and luck

Hindus believed that the Ammonites and the sacred in them lives the spirit of Vishnu, whose light illuminates the way of the warriors, guiding them to victory. In the Middle ages European peasants have hung sink in the barn to protect the animals from evil spells, and not to give cow’s milk to turn sour. Today these fossils are used as talismans, giving their owners peace of mind and ability to handle difficult situations. Belemnites have been part of many magical rituals of ancient times and has always been considered a good protection from the forces of evil. In our day, they still ascribe magical properties: to resist the evil eye and evil speech. Boucardicus was credited with miraculous properties, the ability to give courage. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are in the shape of a heart. It is believed that bokordici strengthen the heart and make a person stronger. It is said that the owners of this mascot is always ready to look danger in the face and overcome it.

Bokordici will give its wearer strength and courage, protect against enemies.

In prehistoric times the trilobites used as talismans, bringing good luck, and hang them in caves and temples. Today they are also used as a talisman for the house. Sea urchins hiding in the daytime and leaving in search of food at night, protecting my fragile body from the enemies with needles. They are considered a good tool for physical health. The fishermen of Minorca considered a powerful talisman of molluscs, called by them the “eyes of fortune”. In the past, took them to sea to ensure good catches and today is worn as an amulet, believing that the suspension of the “eyes of fortune” brings financial well-being.

The power of the Ammonites

Many civilizations believed Ammonites powerful amulet and gave them supernatural properties.

The legend of St. Hilda says that Ammonites were snakes up to the VII century, until she turned them into stones to clear the land to build a new monastery. In the Christian world it was believed that amulets made of Ammonites help to ward off danger and misfortune. In Ancient Egypt, Ammonites were also endowed with magical properties. The name “Ammonite” comes from the name of ancient Egyptian God Amun: Ammonite shells resembled the horns of the solar deity who was depicted with the head of the RAM. The Carthaginians connected them with the powerful Sun God Baal.

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