Izmir is one of the oldest cities in the world and the sister city of Volgograd

In 2011, the Volgograd and Izmir have signed an agreement on friendly relations and since then, the city on the Volga river and the third largest metropolis of Turkey are closely cooperating.

Relations between the two towns began in 2002, and almost immediately the parties began to give partnership status as sister cities. However, the agreement on sister-city relations was signed only after 9 years, on April 22, 2011. The document was signed by the acting powers of the head of Volgograd Sergei Sokolov and the mayor of Metropolitan Izmir Azis Kocaoglu.

In 2016, the Volgograd and the city will celebrate its first joint anniversary – the 5th anniversary of friendly relations.

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey, formerly Smyrna. After Istanbul it is the largest Turkish port, he’s third in Turkey by population (2.8 million people in local communities, without regard to which year-round tourists).

Izmir is one of the oldest cities in the world, he is so old that scientists do not know for certain when it was founded. It is even considered that here in the VII century BC came to light the ancient Greek poet Homer. In ancient times the city was the commercial and cultural center comparable to Troy. During its history it has seen many events. In Byzantine times, Smyrna was considered the second city of the Empire. In addition to the many wars the city was repeatedly destroyed by earthquakes.

Cachesize is a major commercial and port center. The city is rightly called the “diamond” and “pearl” of Turkey. It attracts tourists from around the world, including Volgograd. And no wonder: the warm sea, sandy beaches, ancient monuments and the unique spirit of the Turkish bazaars and markets will not leave anyone indifferent. In the Park of Culture lie the Izmir fair. The Park boasts a lake, a zoo, numerous playgrounds and a tea.

One of the attractions of Izmir’s bazaars. There are a lot of the junk shop, located on small areas with fountains. Or Agora is one of the most important cultural monuments that have reached us since the time of Alexander the great. This is a market area located in the district of Namazgah and from time to time direct accomplished his “duty” shopping site.

And the Central area of Izmir called Konak. In its centre rises a Clock tower with a height of 25 meters. She is relatively young (built in 1901) and is one of the main attractions of Izmir, its symbol, known by every self-respecting tourist. Travellers love to visit the Kadifekale castle on the mountain. Now ruins, but was once a majestic structure, built by Alexander the Great.

And all the guests of the city will enchant as ancient mosques, which are numerous, and the exhibits in the Archaeological Museum. A place of pilgrimage for tourists and places near Izmir. You can go to Bayraklı, the site of ancient Smyrna, and Inciralti, a seaside resort at the Western outskirts of the city. On the way there are hot springs, called the baths of Agamemnon.

In addition, from Izmir you can drive through many ancient sites, including, go on a tour of Three or Bergama. Interestingly, Izmir is also extensive city and Volgograd. The Turkish city is located in the East Bay in the Aegean sea, which has a length of 32 km. we will Remind, this year the Volgograd and Izmir on 22 April will mark 5 years of twinning.

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