No black diggers don’t exist

About the archaeologists in documentary films about military archeology and the search work. According to him, military archaeologists know why the soldiers killed in the great Patriotic war, still are missing.

— Why in Russia is still successfully wielded “black diggers”?

— Actually no “black diggers” in the real world does not exist. “Black diggers” is just another myth invented by the media by the authorities the diet of human ancestors eating meat is a positive impact on the formation of the brain of higher..  I do excavations since 1987 and never any “black diggers” are not met. In reality there are two main areas of excavation — “ancient times” and “war”. Those people who involved in the excavation of “war”, I am fond of search work and military archaeology.

The main difference of search work and military archaeology is to set targets. Search engines are searching for unburied remains of fallen soldiers, trying to establish their identity, soldiers found buried with military honors in mass graves. Military archeologist military and domestic artifacts of the war, to try to reconstruct the battle and military life, to correct mistakes and inaccuracies in time and again re-written to suit the next political regime of military history of our country. By and large, search engines, and military archaeologists do one thing. The difference is that search engines operate legally, and military archaeologists is illegal. Each military archaeologist has its own good reasons for not advertising it.

When illegal military archaeologists find burial or ammunition, what are their next steps?

— Accidentally finding the unburied remains of soldiers of the red army, military archaeologists do the same, as in this situation will do every normal person: is a temporary burial place, its coordinates and found the soldiers passed in a formal search patterns. Found weapons, ammunition, explosive items on their own are safe. Then it all goes to private collections or for sale. For many archaeologists sale found in expeditions trophies — the only way to make a living, especially in the Russian provinces, where it is difficult to find a permanent job.

It’s not uncommon for commanders of some search teams sell themselves emasculated findings on the Moscow Vernisage in Izmailovo, to collect the necessary amount of money to conduct another search expedition. From of the authorities official search teams get very little money. According to the note to article 222 of the criminal code, persons who voluntarily surrendered illegal arms and ammunition are exempt from criminal liability. However, the fingers can be counted those who draw up the voluntary surrender of arms and ammunition: who wants a lifetime to get to Pecuchet in the database of the police and the FSB?

— What about the accusations of archaeologists that the diggers select only the items they need, and the rest is discarded?

— Coming in the forest for berries and mushrooms, nobody gathers the acorns and pine cones. And some objects found in excavations, like fragments of explosive devices, remnants of tin cans, pieces of barbed wire, etc. are of no research interest and therefore not wanted.

But hardly anyone will deny that the military, archaeologists and searchers help to find a solution to the problem of demining the territories of our country: after all, since the war mines still preserved. In power for the solution of this problem there is no money.

— Are the diggers “at war” with people who sell awards online?

— The sale of medals are collectors who as mushroom pickers, hunters and anglers, have a distant relationship to the search engines, and military archaeologists. I often see in the media, attempts to combine the images of the diggers “at war” and the criminals who try to take possession for subsequent sale of military decorations, orders and medals.

One important question is: why did the image of military archaeologists in the media is presented in solely negative light? Everything is done for us diggers “on war”, didn’t trust people. Over the decades of its work, the search engines, and military archaeologists literally dug up and found the answer to the burning question: why in our country now, after 68 years after the Victory Day, millions of our loved ones who were killed in the battles of the great Patriotic war, are still unaccounted for. Declaring those killed in the war of soldiers “missing”, the authorities have saved billions in pension payments for the loss, where they were charged a monthly “salary” and bonuses.

— How many diggers in Russia?

— According to my statistics, ten diggers “ancient times” have one or two “war”. I believe that search engines and military archaeologists in Russia several times more than hunters and anglers combined. There are about several hundred thousand people. One of my friend said that the diggers, perhaps the most tangible subculture.

— How to select locations for excavation?

— Typically, this is information from public sources. The Central archive of the Ministry of defence “on the street” no one is allowed. Focusing on the archaeological sites can be obtained from the news, for example: “Walkway In the village of the Novgorod district of the Novgorod region passes the next Watch of memory”. Some information can be found in the published memoirs of participants of war. Besides, many places have on specialized forums.

— What equipment should be at the diggers?

— First of all, people should know the safety precautions when handling explosive items. And among things that you need to take to excavation, must be underground or deep metal detector, a shovel, a satellite Navigator or a compass, topographic map-kilometrovki, a set of travel gear. Who lets financial situation, to acquire the all-terrain vehicles, inflatable motor boats, chainsaws and motor pumps.

— As is the question of licensing the sale of metal detectors, which were raised several years ago to regulate the activities of the diggers?

— Rumors about this have been circulating for years, but nothing happens. Actually this is another of the horror stories about “black-black diggers”. To introduce licensing of sale and use of metal detectors is the same, what to introduce licensing of sale and use of mobile phones: it is still a licensing, no one will stop you. There is another version of why I want to introduce a ban on free purchase and the use of metal detectors: different sources told me that this issue strikes huckster-traders who want to take over the market of metal detectors.

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