Russia has sentenced black archaeologists

Sentenced a group of “black diggers” who were engaged in illegal search and seizure of historical artifacts, announced yesterday the Supreme court RT. According to the FSB Directorate for Tatarstan, a criminal case on the fact of such crimes, and sentencing is Russia’s precedent.

The buffs were detained in July 2014 on the territory of the archaeological monument “Kyzyl-Alinskoe (Novoaleksandrovskaya) settlement” in the Chistopol region of Tatarstan. On the spot they seized 54 archaeological object which the examination was carried subsequently to the X – first half XVI centuries, including coins and jewelry, representing historical, scientific, artistic and cultural value.

The organizers of the group was the 31-year-old previously convicted of drug Manager of one of the Kazan LLC Andrey Nectarin and his friend, 38-the summer anywhere not working inhabitant of Chistopol Ilya Polacken. Both of them, though, and had no higher education, but was fond of history, more precisely, applied to archaeology. I studied the special literature, archaeological maps, interacting on online forums and hunters, armed with special knowledge, looking for areas containing cultural layer, and place of occurrence of antiquities.

In 2014 hounestly met a professional archaeologist, a graduate of Kazan University H. who also used to be fond of treasure, but learn that for some time this hobby has become a criminal offence, threw him. However, for a fee H. agreed to look for new friend areas in Tatarstan, the cultural layer which potentially contains historical value. Note that in order to officially conduct the excavations in such places, you need to get in the RT Ministry of culture special permission – the “open sheet”. But this is a very complicated procedure, and most importantly, found during surveys valuable items have to refer to the Museum Fund. And this is in the plans of black archaeologists was not included.

One of the “bread” places in Tatarstan for black archaeologists – Novoalexandrovsky settlement, where Nectarin and the company went on 8 July 2014 in three cars. With them they had everything necessary for work: metal detectors, shovels, night vision device, binoculars, reference books. The company was at the site just two hours, but during that time managed to dig up valuable things.

The next day black archeologists again started looking, not knowing that they are supervised by the FSB. In the end, all took at the crime scene. In cars and pockets of the diggers were discovered antiquities, and more than 50 fresh pits in the open field testified about the damage to the cultural layer. July 15, 2014 the investigative Department of the UFSB for the Republic of Tatarstan opened a criminal case under article “Illegal search and seizure of archaeological objects from the place of occurrence”.

None of the arrested members of the group did not plead guilty, all refused to testify, however, on December 17, Chistopol district court found it proven guilty and sentenced Andrei Nectarine to 2.5 years in a penal colony (the court’s decision was influenced by the presence of a criminal record Nectarine). The other four members of the group got off probation and were immediately amnestied, one acquitted. Yesterday the Supreme court of Tatarstan, having considered case black diggers in the appeal, reduced the term to 2 years Nastagio 3 months in a penal colony, and the rest of the sentence left unchanged. Seized from criminals values transferred to the Ministry of culture of RT.

– “Black diggers” is a euphemism, it would be more correct to call them thieves or robbers. In connection with the widespread use of metal detectors the looting of archaeological sites has become catastrophic scale, commented “the Evening Kazan” case sentence, the Director of the Institute of archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, head of Department of archaeology and Ethnology, Kazan Federal University Airat Sitdikov. – As a result we lose historical heritage, is the destruction of historical information space in the country. In Tatarstan there are about 5 thousand archaeological sites, and I know of no one who would not have been looted.

– How profitable black archaeology?

– One or two of hike black diggers pay for their equipment, and then work into profit. In the summer they make stocks that allow them to live comfortably by selling them throughout the winter. There are wealthy people who believe that antiquities are a good investment. However, archaeological artifacts are not just shards and zelezetsky, these are things that contains important information. They are state property that is not alienable under any circumstances. Let’s hope that the Federal law criminalizing the black diggers, which came into effect in 2014, will limit the activities of destruction of our cultural heritage.

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