The Mysteries Of The “Ahnenerbe”.

“PANOPTICON” Vladimir Melikov, owner of one of the restaurants in the Republic of Adygea, can safely be called a treasure trove of history. Many of his exhibits millions of years. Recently, the Museum added several very important findings, which the inhabitants of the Republic in the area of the natural Park of Big Thach.

The first finding is a small grey box with a brown leather handle. The first riddle: on the cover – the emblem of the Ahnenerbe. It is known that the “Ahnenerbe” – it was an organization that existed in Germany in the years 1935-1945. It was created to study the traditions, history and heritage of the German race for the purpose of occult-ideological functioning of the state machinery of the Third Reich. President of the “Ahnenerbe” was none other than Heinrich Himmler.

However, the judgement of the Nuremberg court in 1945, the “Ahnenerbe” was recognized as a criminal organization and disbanded.

That in early 1941 did experts, archaeologists and ethnographers of the occult organization “the Heritage of ancestors”, or “German society for the study of ancient German history and heritage of ancestors” (the meaning of the “Ahnenerbe” – ed.) in the mountains of Adygea?

Another mystery is the name on the side of the box. The inscription “Besonder bekl.” – viennoiserie, which fully translates as “Besonder bekleidung”, which means “special clothes”.

In addition, in this same area were found an empty bottle of schnapps, balm, fork made of titanium and a dry box of matches, even now ready to eat.

Still from the same area in the Museum got a first aid kit of a German soldier – soldier mountain division “Edelweiss”, which was carved from the mountains of the Caucasus in 1942

The kit was worn over the shoulder, and now she’s Packed to the brim: here and the bottle of formalin, and bromine, and a metal box with the logo of mountain flower – a symbol of division, every batch is carefully signed.

Another and also the current find – iron iron, coal, slightly less in size than a child’s palm for Ironing small items of clothing.

Six months ago in one of the caves Big Thach cave explorers have found a pair of binoculars Nazi soldier in not simple in a metal casing, adapted to low temperatures.

Turns out things were just not in the cave, they were in a specially equipped hiding-place and indicate that the experts of the “Ahnenerbe” covered “Edelweiss” – an elite division of the German Reich, was looking for in Adygeya something extremely important, them the expedition promised to be long.

What to look for in the employees “Ahnenerbe”?

According to the head of the regional branch of the Russian geographical society Igor Ogai, precisely nobody knows. But given that the work of the “Ahnenerbe” was focused around the archaeological, historical and occult even evidence that the Aryans are a chosen race, versions.

One of them, the Germans were looking for in the Caucasus mountains campsites of the tribes, who might have common roots with the Aryans – the traces of civilizations the Sumerians and the Hutts. Also the aim of the search could be “places of power” – areas with paranormal phenomena, with unusual energy. To them already in those years included the areas where the dolmens were built, where were the caves. By the way, clothes from the box was probably intended for the descent to this cave. Speleologists and today is used for caving clothes from a special fabric.

He was looking for in the mountains of Adygea experts of the occult organization “Ahnenerbe”, and now remains a mystery. Why after the defeat of “Edelweiss” by the red Army in 1942 Alpine arrows in 1944, risked their lives, returned to the mountains of the Caucasus, also a question.

Maybe the answer hides another gem brought in “PANOPTICON” Vladimir Melikov, a strange skull without jaws, without the frontal bone and the nape of the neck, with a hole for the spine.

The skull is very reminiscent of the aliens series “Star wars.” They were discovered in the same cave, near the German box. According to one version, it is severely deformed water and river pebbles, sheep’s skull that had washed up on the shore, and the Nazis took it for the skull of an alien creature.

In any case, strange skull is another mystery in the rich finds of Big Thach that now everyone can see this.

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